Jonava people with disabilities activities center provide services



  • The necessary information on social assistance to persons (family).
  • Analysis of the person (family) problem situations and searching for effective solutions to the problem.
  • Mediation in the medical, mental health center, and the other fields, as well as various personal (family) to solve the problems through the intermediary.
  • Representation of disabled people in other institutions, among other professionals or persons (migration councils and social assistance departments, medical, tax offices, etc.).
  • Nutritional organization. Nutrition organization to persons who receiving daily and long-term social care, according to hygienic standards, according to a person's state of health (diet application, special food preparation, etc.).
  • Transport Services. The service is provided according to the needs of people with disabilities who, because of disability, can’t use public or private transport.
  • Cultural services. Entertainment Services provided to prevent social problems (preventively), reducing social exclusion, activation of the community and by providing persons (families) can communicate, participate in-group, social work classes, engage in a favorite activity, motivated individual socialization and integration processes.
  • Provision of necessary clothes and footwear. Basic clothing, shoes and other accessories, supplies for persons who receiving long-term social care.
  • Personal hygiene and care organization. For people with disabilities to ensure full hygienic maintenance of those people who cannot take care of themselves. Diapering, dressing, aid to the toilet and so on.



  • Daily social care. A series of services that a person given to a complex, ongoing maintenance professionals requiring assistance during the day.
  • Long-term social care. A series of services, which completely leading strings person provided comprehensive, continuous care professionals requiring assistance.
  • Social skills support service. Services provided to persons (families) during the day in order to maintain and restore the independence of the various public or private (family) life required functions.



  • General nurse services;
  • Doctor (PI Jonava primary health care center);
  • Physical therapist, masseur, therapist Services (PI Jonava primary health care center);
  • Psychological Services (PI Jonava mental health center);
  • Pastoral worker services (Jonava St. James the Apostle Church).