• Art therapy classes. Various artistic activities (music,  theater, art, clay therapy, embroidery, literary get-togethers, candle casting, etc.),  Intended to develop artistic skills, imagination and self-expression, to develop small motor skills, creativity, increase self-confidence and sense of responsibility to teach raise realistic goals. Plan for their achievement and achieve them, teach compose and visualize, develop aesthetic taste, promote individuality and self-disclosure, raise the suppressed emotions, to feel the joy of life.
  • Cognitive-pedagogical education. Activities to promote logical thinking, intellectual ability and observation, to educate people with disabilities literary, literacy, teaching ideas, mathematical, cognitive, attention, concentration, inventory, analysis and other skills. Develop computer skills, IT technologies, enabling the realization of the knowledge, creativity, development and so on.
  • The eco-ethnographic education. Activity fostered love and respect for all life. Classes’ helps people to know not only the environment, but also the home of the culture, traditions, understand cultural identity, environment and self-knowledge through color, ethnic values. To develop citizenship, democratic attitudes, beliefs and ways of life diversity. To develop skills to think critically, to choose and focus in a dynamic society.
  • Social skills. Classes are designed to develop meaningful personal and social life the concept of promoting communication and cooperation with others, to let feel a full-fledged personality and an important member of society, a variety of events, promotions and support others. To increase the integration of the disabled into society, as well as change and the attitude of society towards people with disabilities, to allow them to get to know, understand and accept them as they are, as an important and integral part of society.
  • The operating skills. Designed to develop small motor, accuracy, promote develop ability to focus, to concentrate, to feel the emotional satisfaction of a person, to understand the individual and the importance of the working group. Learners to set realistic goals, plan for their achievement, purposefully cultivate wills to their objectives and to celebrate their results - final products.
  • Sport-touring education. These classes for people with disabilities to develop physical abilities, develop motor skills, promote physically feel heavier, apply the following forms of physical activity, which would succeed, strengthen confidence, encourage frequent overcome difficulties, to be active, being full and take the initiative.