About Us

Jonava people with disabilities activity centre is a budgetary institution. The center has been operating from 1998 years. The center provides day care for the social mind and mental disabilities from 18 years old and support their families. Center have a qualified team, successfully participate in the integration of persons with disabilities and other social services infrastructure. The implementation of various projects aimed at integrating the disabled into society, non-formal education and competence development. Activity center provides social day care services for 24 disabled young people and the long-term social care structural unit of Life House - 11 persons.

Institutions vision - a happy, safe disabled person, able to communicate and collaborate in their community, society, favorable attitude of society with equal rights and opportunities for him to needed services, housing, work, recreation, treatment, a constant education, social culture.

The main goal - the independence of a disabled person's education and integration into society, assistance to families for caring for mentally retarded persons. People with disabilities activity center aims to persons with intellectual and mental disabilities allow become more independent and enjoy the highest possible quality of life both physical and psychological, social, education and terms of employment of disabled people.